Chicago Teachers Strike, Rockford Teachers Jealous

Chicago Teachers Strike, Rockford Teachers Jealous

Rockford Teachers loved striking. See the happier times on their smiling faces, above.

The  Chicago Public School teachers strike is making the news everywhere.  Just last year, the Rockford Public School district held it’s own Teachers Strike which has many local teachers feeling the flashback blues this week.

4th grade teacher, Linda Roberts, tells us:  “I feel for what those teachers in Chicago are going through.  I would love to strike with them, teach them what I learned about striking.  What clothes to wear and food to bring for the day to share with hundreds around me.  I made oatmeal cookies one of those nights and passed 1 out to over 124 teachers to nibble on. Julie Thompson brought a giant cooler with coffee and paper cups.  You’d think the school board would reimburse us. Nope. I made so many new friends at the Rockford Teachers strike.  I can’t wait to do it again… I wish I could strike tomorrow in Chicago and meet new friends there.  School strikes are so wonderful for networking and gossiping.  In hindsight, it was fun and I’m sure we’ll get together and plan another strike soon!”

8th grade teacher, Rebecca Tallworth, had a different opinion, “I am so, like, not happy. I mean, OMG, those Chicago teachers owe us. We started this and we want our credit.  They wouldn’t be able to do this had we not done it first.  It’s BS, like, all the papers are covering them but no one talks about Rockford Teachers.  Like, whatever. I’d strike again tomorrow!”

Many unemployed people in Rockford rejoiced when it ended except the teachers because they had lost a few days of pay.  Unemployed Rockford native, and college degreed urban-engineer, Jennifer Lawersin, told us, “It’s crap.  I haven’t had a job in 4 years and can’t qualify for unemployment anymore.  I have no one fighting with me or for me. Every interview starts with a question like, “Are you willing to answer phones instead of drafting plans for a new round-about?’ No benefits and $9/hr.  Meanwhile I have to listen to all my teacher friends complain how bad they have it if they have to stay past 3pm on a Tuesday, when I get one meal a day, and they get health insurance and a few snacks in-between meals.  I am a hungry, nice, woman, too.  It’s unfair.  No man will date me because I’ve lost everything.  My car, my house, my dignity, my reasons for living.  I have no idea why I ever went to college the longer I stay in this God-forsaken town.  Things are bad everywhere, I know, but these teachers in Illinois have no idea how bad it is and how lucky they really are.  CRY ME A F_____G RIVER, YOU HAD TO BUY YOUR STUDENTS PENCILS? WAH.  You don’t have to, end of complaint.  It’s rude.”

Every  RPS Teacher might be feeling a touch of sadness in the last week with the Chicago Public Schools strike going on.  We talked to a local physician who wanted to remain nameless but offered, “Many Rockford teachers may contract a case of severe depression this week. For however long the Chicago Strike lasts. I suggest lots of bananas, a bowl of frozen blueberries, and lots of sleep.  They have decent insurance compared to everyone else in the Rockford area, so they should use it in case.”

A local high school teacher, Jim _______ (requested to not use last name), said, “I can’t wait to strike again. I had a blast.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy getting together outside and walking the streets together, but staying at home with my kids was amazing.  We had a blast.  I’d strike again tomorrow so yeah, I would love to join the Chicago Teachers but I’d rather be at home.”

If you’re a local teacher missing the excitement of striking, contact us at: [email protected]


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