Should we move here?

Should we move here?

moving-signMaxine Roberts sent us a special message and our readers responded.

“My husband is thinking of accepting a job offer in Rockford, IL.  We are from Louisville, Kentucky, and with the crime rate so high in our city, we are thinking twice about the move. We have a 6 year old daughter who attends private school and has a severe limp. We plan on her attending private schools and and having access to good hospitals once we move. Are their any nice towns near Rockford? Are the taxes higher in IL than WI? We are also giving thought to moving to Beloit, Wisconsin, instead of the Rockford area. Are there enough restaurants and Walgreens? Is there a local shooting range nearby? What about a year-round ice skating facility?  Is there a better area to live and raise a family?” – Maxine Roberts, 32, Louisville, KY


Sue Hagberg (Chemung IL):  I would not live in Rockford. (I am not a big Beloit fan either) Belvidere & Rockton and Durand are nice but have major issues like chicken violence and domestic battering.

Ron Knebwerth (Crystal Lake):  Rockford is very bad place to live.. Discrimination Lawsuits have destroyed the public school system..Private schools are therefore much more costly than other towns..Janesville is ok, much cheaper housing,schools have less metal detectors saving some taxpayer money.But there no restaurants and the terrains is rocky.

Ernesto Millingsap (Rockford):  You will be just fine.  Yes, the schools are in very troubled times! That doesn’t mean you have to act the part of a sheep sent to slaughter just because you live in Rockford. You can stick with home schooling, there is financial aid out there if you look, not that I am assuming you need it but you might as well take what you can it is the way here.  Or do some great networking and have coffee and meet all types of families on a new venture in a new city. Yes, its possible.  Or tough out the public schools for now and just be prepared to be very hands-on with your child’s karate and self defense classes. Before you buy in Rockford, KNOW where your 6 yr old will be sent to school. Don’t ask the realtor because she or he is probably a lawyer and they will have a forked tougue hidden in the roof of their mouths, Go to and start digging.  Or go buy in the Harlem shool district, which is just north of Rockford. (ie across the street, literally, and easier on tax issues when I owned a small home there). There are enough nice neighborhoods in town, and smaller communities around the area, that with some sincere, assertive looking and asking around, you will find a nice little spot to call home.

Wendy Hurlington III  (Chicago):  Thank you very much for pointing out that not all areas of Rockford are bad. I am moving back to Rockford after living in Chicago for 11 years. I am bringing my husband and our 2 kids 4 dogs and 3 rabbits. There are bad schools and there are worst schools everywhere in this whole area. I am one of the rare ones that went looking on the West side because that is where I feel comfortable at . There are little pockets that are great. My husband is black and I am white and Chicago is worse as far as racism.Rockford is much better where race is concerned.Except for the weekly shootings,stabbings and home invasions it feels safe.I don’t know your race but if that is an issue Rockford in my opinion is much better than Chicago.

John Libmeyer (proud Rockfordian):  One of the most beautiful citys in Northern Illinois, also known as the Forest City (because of the trees stupid.) Rockford is known for the Rockford Peaches which was made into a film starring Tom Hanks and Madonna. Notable Rockfordians include; Charles Box and Danika Patrick. Formerly, the second largest city in Illinois it is now ranked third and also holds many records and awards for violence and deaths. Rockford, Illinois is home to among other things: Magic Waters water park,Lafayette Hotel,The Office Nite Club,a city filled with hope and dreams. I hope you will soon call this city home.

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