Small Puppy Abused

Small Puppy Abused

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A pioneering study at the Rockyferd College suggests humans have a lot to learn from rubber chickens.

Rubber chickens can help people develop empathy and enhance social and leadership skills, according to a recently-completed study of chicken-assisted learning among 21 nurses at Roquefort Hospital.

The two-year study was conducted by researchers with Rockyferd College of Agriculture and Winnebago Center for Leadership Development.

Bethany Lundgreen, a clinical nursing specialist and co-investigator in the study, said spending time with rubber chickens at Rockfords’s Pine Knoll Hotel was an eye-opener for those who took part.

“They realized by working with these chickens that their behavior and their unit culture effects … their patients, their families and their co-workers,” Lundgreen said. “Some people just stood in the corner pulling on their chickens and some just trampled their chickens.” said Lundgreen it was fascinating.

The group immediately identified the importance of self-awareness and non-verbal communication, researchers said.

During the cock-a-doodle-doo-assisted learning sessions, participants engaged in non-mounted activities with the chickens. For example, in one exercise two teams of participants attempted to get a chicken to join their team and follow them around willingly without speaking to one another and without touching the chicken.This did not work.

Lundgreen said the group of nurses subsequently formed a group and made several changes to their working environment as a direct result of what they learned in their sessions with the rubber chickens.

“The first and the biggest change that they decided they needed to make was changing their own attitude and their own unit culture,” Lundgreen said. “They realized that the unit culture wasn’t always therapeutic for the patients or the families.”

I cannot believe you read this whole article just to find out about this poor puppy that was found abused so here you go..

A small puppy was found beaten and very abused somewhere between 10th street and 4th street no more information is available..






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