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Beyonce Camp Has 0 Interest With Performing In Rockford

Rockford, IL – Beyoncé’s team has reported zero interests with performing in Rockford at the annual Davis Park Festival during Labor Day Weekend this year. “I do not belief this. First it was Bell Biv Devoe that backed out of

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Happy Fathers Day to Single Taxpayers Supporting Public School Children AND Single Dad Cries For Help

Rockford, IL – Local Taxpayers, about 3,000 out of the 150,000 Rockford area population, gathered today to celebrate Father’s Day. “I want to thank the breeding parents and single parents of Rockford for allowing me to help put their child through

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Fortunate Artists Pray For City’s Salvation

Rockford, IL – Artists throughout Rockford, IL, have been gathering at Davis Park for about 5 years to pray for their city’s resurrection from the pits of economic hell. “Most of us have been creating from a heavenly, righteous place

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