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Patty the Goose is Alive!

Rockford, IL — Patty the Goose came back to life today. RKFDnews originally reported earlier this week that Patty had been inadvertently starved to death by City Council. Rockford Memorial Geese Mercy flew Patty into Beloit, Wisconsin, for an official

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City Leaders Ask For More Free Bedtime Geese Stories

Locals are wondering about the geese and why they’ve chosen to take up residency in our pretty, positive, proud city.  We have the story: Geese are like people. They shit what they eat, they eat what they shit.  Geese are

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Facebook, Helping Grandma Stay Racist

The past ten years of social media advances have done a lot for Bigots, Racists and Geese. They’re no longer alone and afraid to honk, or afraid to marginalize an entire group of people, based on their race, gender identity

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Rockford Homeless Man Identifies As Goose- You’ll Never Guess Why!

Rockford has been very concerned with where to poop and who to poop with recently. A problem that used to be so simple… You got giblets- poop over there. You got a dangler- poop over here. I went out for

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Winnebago County OK’s Killing Thousands of Geese Starting December 6th

The human population in Rockford knows what winter means: freezing temperatures, bad road conditions, crippling depression and increased alcohol abuse. Most of us are used to it by now. However, most of us under the age of 75 can’t afford

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