Team Positivity Attacks RKFD News on Facebook with Internet Emotions!

Team Positivity Attacks RKFD News on Facebook with Internet Emotions!


Rockford, IL – The war between Rockford, IL’s, Get Positive Battalion and the Universe’s Logic Army squared off for a rap battle on facebook in the last 24 hours.  We were there to witness it because Team Positive attacked dour staff!

A Belvidere man was hired by Rockford’s positivity squad to attack with emotions and our own Chief, Tchad Beale, was there defending the Logic Army with facts instead of internet emotions. The internet is a famous battleground for The Rockford War which is now in it’s umpteenth day.  Get Positive’s Battalion prefers to defend attacks by blocking and reporting realists, while the Logic Army welcomes the Get Positive soldiers into their own snake traps for an old fashioned freedom of speech battle.  Differing tactics provide Rockford different results, leadership, and VISON.

We want to thank anyone who shares their feelings with us on the internet, and encourage all of you to hug yourselves before you yell at us on the facebook screen or into an empty metal can because at that point, we’ve won by having you grant us the rights to write our next story for us. We appreciate your time and feelings, too, and want to thank you for the free marketing content you post on our page with your comments before you take the time to tell the world you think we are naughty and you are going to unlike us.  We are ok with that and encourage anyone else who has special internet emotions to head on over to local facebook pages that will block and report you for sharing your opinions, unlike us. No pun intended! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.  Thank you!

Know now that we’ll never delete your comments, opinions, thoughts, misspellings or feelings, and block or report you on the facebook in the way other local organized groups will while they preach positivity, encourage insanity, and ignore logic with their shady politically driven marketing campaigns.  Freedom of speech means freedom to share at

Thank you, Brad, and thank you to facebook for making feelings so marketable and free to share on the internets.  Know that when you post your thoughts and emotions on our company facebook page directly attacking our staff, as the individual below did, you legally open the door for a fair, direct, reply.

Whether you enjoy satire and think Rockford is a beautiful opportunistic city for you and your family, friends,  is your business at the end of the day, and we wish people like you the very best with your own realities.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to share your emotions with us on the internet!

Last week I found Rockford New’s Fb page, and have been reading your posts all week. I have to say, I am not Impressed. 90% of your “articles/posts” have simple spelling errors and are just downright ignorant. It realy seems like this page is ran by Rockford hipsters that are only political because its ironic and cool. Just terrible all around, and I will be unliking your page.

Unlike ·  · 18 hours ago

RkfdNews and Tchad Beale like this.

Tchad Beale Dearest Brad, 

On behalf of my entire staff at, we want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to share a few well-worded emotions with all of us here on the internet–specifically, Facebook. The fact that you took time out of your day to let us know what a wonderful job we are doing before “unliking” us is a great honor.

We are very grateful for the opportunity that you have now granted us to reply to your righteous comment. In an effort to thank you further, let’s break down your post on our page, which we and now own and will share with everyone (thank you!). Keep in mind, this is a polite reply to your statement which we could have deleted, blocked, or reported you for, which is what other local pages (Our City, Our Story,Rockford Scanner, etc.) would have done to you.

These are your words below in quotations, and following them are RkfdNews corrections:

1) “Last week I found Rockford New’s Fb page”:
It’s RKFD News or, not Rockford New’s. There might be a “Rockford New’s” out there you’re confusing us with. We are the ones that break the noose for you. (If you’re confused, hang in there, Brad, you’ll get it.) Did you mean to say, “Last week I found Rockford News’ Fb page”? ‘Rockford New is’ is not Rockford New’s. Oh wow, that was fun. Kick yourself, Bradley, for ignorance is bliss around the office of RKFDNEWS.

2) “I have to say, I am not Impressed.”:
Is there a reason why you capitalized “Impressed”? We are not impressed either, kick yourself again. (Isn’t Ignorance a big ol’ pile of Belvidere Bliss, bradley?)

3) “90% of your “articles/posts” have simple spelling errors and are just downright ignorant.”:
Are there reasons–or is there a reason–as to why you’re putting a few specific words–articles and posts–into quotations? Do explain; and then kick yourself once more for us, Brad.

4) “It realy seems like this page is ran by Rockford hipsters that are only political because its ironic and cool.”:
Man, Brad, this one is loaded. First off, you spelled “realy” wrong. Really. Secondly, does a primarily unemployed staff with an average age of 41 qualify as being political, cool, ironic, Rockford, and a hipster to you? Boy oh boy oh Bradley. Kick yourself for being an awesome hipster-hating human being from Belvidere, Brad! 

5) “Just terrible all around, and I will be unliking your page.”:
Thank you, this is as close to a flawless statement that you attempted to make. Hand yourself a hand and kick yourself for being awesome before “unliking” us, Brad.

I’d like to take a few minutes now to bow my head in honor of you, Brad. Please let us publicly praise you for leaving everyone on the internet such a heartfelt post for us to reply to. We share your passion! Rise now and smile, hug your brothers and sisters.

Your words now belong to us and we’re going to share them with everyone since you decided to share your words with us on our page for everyone. Know again that other local Facebook pages such as OurCityOurStory and RockfordScanner would have blocked you and removed your comment. Not us. Freedom of speech, Brad. 

Once more, on behalf of my staff, we are honored that you took the time to share your emotions with us before “unliking” us. Peace be with you, Brad from Belvidere, and also with us.

Chief Tchad Beale
Editor and Tribal Leader

PS: I hope you don’t mind, but we’re quoting you and a few others who chose to share their emotions with us on the internets in our future marketing material. Thanks again, Brad; and remember, if you report us at this point, they’ll look to see who started this whole thing off, you. Thank you for being a leader!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 11 hours ago
RkfdNews Thank you, Chief, and thank you, Brad!
Brad Yup. That is exactly what I was talking about, right there. Thank you for validating my comment with this highly amusing babble. Please do share this with others, so that they can see that your ignorance and filth does not stop at your unemployed staff, but goes strait to the unemployed “Chief”. The attitude that you displayed in your reply is exactly what is wrong with this city. Kick yourself for being the reason the rest of the country calls Rockford miserable. And is there a reason your reply was posted at 1 am on a Wednesday morning? I think that that alone speaks very loudly about how your organization is ran. This will be my final communication with you. Good day, Sir.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago
Ron Kites Bradley: The noose doesn’t stop at bedtime, and we are proud to bring you all the noose that the other “NEW’S” outlets won’t, can’t, or didn’t.
And thanks for the “hipster” mention. I may be over 50, but I love me some young girls with lower back tattoos!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago
RkfdNews Bradley,

We are so happy that you have time to get your 8 hours of sleep in. Enjoy it for those of us that don’t have a teaching or nursing job in Rockford. We are going to celebrate your individuality, don’t worry!

Thank you for sharing your emotions with us on the internet two days in a row!

– JoAnne Rankles, Reporter


You’ll definitely know more when you share your internet emotions with us while we break the noose for you.™

– Theodore Lepolli

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