The Silent Siren™ – Circle Jerking Causes Blindness or Why Can’t We Go To The Movies To Escape Reality For 2 Hours Without Being Reminded of Where We Live?

The Silent Siren™ – Circle Jerking Causes Blindness or Why Can’t We Go To The Movies To Escape Reality For 2 Hours Without Being Reminded of Where We Live?

Circle jerking each other on behalf of civic pride in broad daylight–mainly downtown–isn’t creating jobs, Rockford.  It’s causing community blindness.  Considering the almost über-spiritual positive response that circle jerking community philanthropists enjoy participating in around Rockford, nothing will change but the amount of smarm that’s projected at the few snarks like us here at who are willing to toss their psychological marketing nonsense right back at ’em.  Look hard, listen to them talk. Let’s recap the last year in Rockford’s civic pride circle jerking-boosting efforts:

What was TEDx all about? What was ETSY and Rockford’s coalition all about?  What in the hell is Transforming Rockford all about when half that board lives out of state? How’s all that talking going for ya, Rockford? What about the many arts events that were aimed at making you feel better as a city? That is some weird sh!t! Oh, and don’t get us started on positivity candles and happy Rockford t-shirts–that’s fine and dandy but why isn’t the city’s gift shop department, the RACVB with their contracted public marketing firm (GrahamSpencer), paying to produce those civic related ideas and products instead of private small businesses who are having to play the positivity Rockford capitalism game versus simply making cool shit that has nothing to do with this run-down town?   (Hey ad firms, no public bidding allowed but they’ll publish what they have to in the RRstar anyway for a smoke and mirror show until the Feds show up. Don’t worry, they won’t, they’re too busy laughing at Rockford with us–where do you start? It’s so corrupt here.  It has caused an epidemic– blindness!)

Seriously, what is wrong with you f*cking people?  Are you drinking too much?  Breeding too much?  We want answers.  Where did you go to school?  You didn’t? Fine–how did you end up running public charities and city government boards without the extra math, english, and business classes?  Nevermind, not important–but it is.  While the city and the nation preaches education and investing in one’s self for a better future for all.  (Ha.)  The irony of it all is… blinding.  Especially in our own community.

So, uh, jobs, anyone? We ask the circle jerks, where are the jobs? Bigger picture, circle jerks, the next 40 years–not the last 40.  Why are we reminiscing about what we had all the time?  Great.  Where are the new ideas?  We know, they left Rockford, tired of being ignored and put down by the circle jerks downtown.  As long as jobs aren’t’ created, it’s all civic pride, ego boosting circle jerking for the same downtown individuals, not the community at large. They don’t give a f*ck about us, the people.

Wait! Maybe they do this year!  Jobs? Who cares about jobs, movies! Movies at the Coronado are back for the holidays?!  Yes, thank you City of Rockford for making it happen, and with a socio-psychological marketing catch!  Yay, get Rockforded at the Coronado? Sure! Will there be popcorn??? Who knows, but you will get Rockforded, that’s a fact.

Hasn’t bringing back movies at the Coronado been suggested a thousand times before in the last 30 years?  Why now? Why the socio-psychological civic pride marketing message to go with it?  (That is some weird ass shit, y’all, but extremely entertaining to observe.)  Can’t we simply go to a movie at the Coronado, downtown, like in other cities without a civic pride fanfare to escape Rockford, real life?  We here at go to movies to escape real life, not to be reminded of Rockford. Sorry, we refuse to go blind.

Well, circle jerks, The Silent Siren™ has said enough. Enjoy taking a load off wherever the circle jerks are this weekend with helping Rockford feel better about whatever, and don’t forget to pat yourselves on your backs with the other hand.  Do it, enjoy your selves while you enjoy yourself and happy holidays!

You will read less when we hear less.™

– Chief Tchad Beale

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