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Downtown Rockford’s 2016 Cheap Trick Fest “Created by Russian Hackers,” Says Tourism Bureau, Ad Firm, and Local Media Operations

City of Rockford leaders have been so full of it for so long with pulling the wool over the sheeps’ heads that we promise you will never hear another word about the proposed, downtown Cheap Trick music festival—which was to

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The Silent Siren™ – Anger is Good, Rockford, There’s Not Enough of It

Rockford, IL – Dr. T.V. proposed one of my often shared thoughts on the big bad monster known as the Rockford on the internets this week. Here is an excerpt from the Dr.’s thoughts:  “… I have a right to express a

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The Silent Siren™ – Stephen Baldwin and Kickstarter, Thank You For The Nail That’s Hitting Another Nail in Our Rockford Cross!

Rockford, IL – As reported by the Rockford Register Star and WIFR, Stephen Baldwin is scheduled to star in a faith based sitcom about a pastor who inherits a bar– in Rockford. We wish this was a story we could’ve made

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The Silent Siren™ – Circle Jerking Causes Blindness or Why Can’t We Go To The Movies To Escape Reality For 2 Hours Without Being Reminded of Where We Live?

Circle jerking each other on behalf of civic pride in broad daylight–mainly downtown–isn’t creating jobs, Rockford.  It’s causing community blindness.  Considering the almost über-spiritual positive response that circle jerking community philanthropists enjoy participating in around Rockford, nothing will change but

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THE SILENT SIREN™ – The Risks of Becoming a Meddling Local Artist

Dear Rockford,  Hello, I am your editor and Chief, Tchad Beale.  This message begins a series on called, “The Silent Siren.”™  I will take the time once in a dark moon to discuss some thoughts with you.  Today’s topic

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