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Downtown Rockford’s 2016 Cheap Trick Fest “Created by Russian Hackers,” Says Tourism Bureau, Ad Firm, and Local Media Operations

Downtown Rockford’s 2016 Cheap Trick Fest “Created by Russian Hackers,” Says Tourism Bureau, Ad Firm, and Local Media Operations

“Cheap Trick cover band, Boston, was scheduled to perform at the 2016 Cheap Trick Music Festival in Downtown Rockford,” According to Russian Hackers, says Rockford Tourism Bureau, its Ad Firm, and some local news affiliates.

City of Rockford leaders have been so full of it for so long with pulling the wool over the sheeps’ heads that we promise you will never hear another word about the proposed, downtown Cheap Trick music festival—which was to occur in the fall of 2016.

Don’t believe us? Here:

The press-stunt / city event was announced by the tourism bureau, its ad firm (who was paid nicely to concoct such marketable mind drivel—er, Press Release spectacle), then mayor Barry Morrison, and most of the local media outlets. It was also announced on the eve of the local band’s induction into the HBO Rock n Roll Hall of Fame annual television special.

National news outlets—Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and more—picked up on the marketing heist as well. Click here to see google results of the proposed nonsense in order to understand local fake news a little clearer.

Local news organization, Rockford Register Star, has been contacted many times by regional artists and Russian troll-affiliates to follow up on the marketing heist, but there has been no response because the truth doesn’t have time for press releases in a fake news, fake government, and fake American society.

The music event (as promised by highly-paid, local, downtown professionals and politicians) never occurred.  Cheap Trick is—and always will be—a great, globally-appreciated rock and roll band that Rockford community leaders abuse for marketing purposes because they don’t know better, and never will.

NOTE to the downtown bozos: There are many great bands that are from here besides Cheap Trick or that which derives from the musical bloodline, and there other musicians from here working elsewhere doing big things that you downtown bozos should be aware of in your efforts with boosting civic pride. Get educated, open your ears, expand your horizon. Y’all a bunch of little ponies and crooks—and many in the community see y’all for who y’all really are—the real fake news—hee haw!

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