WRAX Loses Beautiful News Model, Jenny Whirley

WRAX Loses Beautiful News Model, Jenny Whirley

Rockford, IL – Local TV station, WRAX, and all of Rockford, IL, mainly the men, are very sad to say goodbye to one of their nicest news models.  Jenny Whirley came to our ugly town in 2011 with the brightest smile we’ve ever seen. She made a difference by covering stories about people who needed to be prettier in the news, and is now leaving for more creative news opportunities that probably pay double to triple what she would ever make in Rockford, IL.  Whirley is not only a nice model, she is very nice looking.  Rockford, IL and WRAX’s loss is Nebraska’s gain.  Where Whirly is going to work in Nebraska is another story.  We don’t know.

What we do know is that WRAX is now looking for new nice models to fulfill their news team staff.  Requirements aren’t that bad, but the potential news model must be very beautiful, nice on the eyes, smart (somewhat, being able to read is nice), and natural non-orange tanned skin.

“Very nice is what we’re looking for.  Jenny set the bar so high.. Wow, I mean, VERY high. We don’t know what we’re going to do without her.  She is the most beautiful young woman to ever work in Rockford news.  We are going to miss her and her incredible smile,” says station manager, Edward Vincents.

“It’s not every day in Rockford that a beautiful woman, without an orange tan, stumbles into this amazing job and city.  She set the bar so high, wow.  I mean, she was Miss Iowa in 2010, and the moment she came here to work for us in 2011, I said, “there she is, Miss Rockford, finally! I am so sad to see her go.  She is very sexy- I think I can say that now that she’s leaving,” Vincents laughs and attends to his phone.

If anyone knows a former state beauty pageant queen without an orange tan that also happens to be super nice, which is rare, and has a desire to be a Rockford news model, please contact us immediately so that we can screen her for potential casting and employment at WRAX:  [email protected]

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