Young Mother of Two Assaulted at Gun Point on Bike Today, True Story

Young Mother of Two Assaulted at Gun Point on Bike Today, True Story

Rockford, IL –  This isn’t noose to many of you, but a young mother of two was threatened at gun point today.  As much as we enjoy sharing the noose for most of you, this is a Rockford “story” all too familiar to most because it’s true and it keeps happening to the most innocent amongst us in this pathetic, drunk and opportunity-less community. What you’ll read below was sent to verbatim, the names have been changed to protect the innocent – you.  All of you.

home-img“So we left around 4 this afternoon to head out for a bike ride. We turned east onto King Street in the lovely Signal HIll neighborhood of Rockford.  I was admiring the old white folks flowers when this shitty Malibu pulls up along side me and this hill billy says, “You talking about me?”  He flashes a crappy looking gun and then pulls the trigger… it was not pointing at me… HE was holding it against his chest… Like it was laying across his chest?   Like he was doing the pledge–not pointed at me.  He had four other white boys in the car.  (Must be fun to terrorize people on bikes.)


He was speeding up King going west and I was heading the other direction.  He stopped in the middle of the road which made me slow down.  That is when he stuck his red neck face out the window and said, “You talking about me?”

I was confused.

I thought he was stopping to ask for directions or to yell at us because he was speeding and we were on the road with bikes. ‘Sorry, it is a designated bike route you fucking hillbilly’ I thought but couldn’t muster out for fear of my life.  So anyway- he flashes the gun and then click.

I am telling you I was like a fucking deer in the headlights.  And I am Hispanic.  My people kill people every day in Mexico.

WTF.  But I am too east side. Nothing happens in Maplewood subdivision.

So anyway, our neighbor was standing outside her 2 flat and said, “what did they say to you?” Like she actually cared.  No one gives a flying fuck in Rockford, IL, anymore. I told her one of the hooligans flashed a gun and I heard the fucking click.  She freaked out and called Retarded Rockford 911.

Retarded Rockford 911 kept asking the same stupid questions to her:  “Where did it happen? Which person in the car showed the gun?”

My neighbor said, “I am telling you my neighbor is so upset. She was bike riding and all of a sudden these kids in a car. Green Chevy Malibu… stopped her and flashed a gun…”

The stupid operator did not ask for an address or anything and kept saying that the cops would be out and about soon… This town is crazy… He looked like that little hill billy kid with freckles that the parents never discipline… Maybe a distant relative of the mayor.  You could put “we are looking for a Notre Dame green Malibu with a Larry sticker” on the back and it would cover it.  What a piece of shit kid. ANd the three other fuckers with him.  I hope they pull that crappy gun on a real gangsta.  Instead of some mom on a bike rolling with my commie lover boyfriend.  I mean if you are going to point a gun at me at least ask me for my wallet.

Or my bike.

What kind of criminal behavior is this? Make me feel like I was fucking robbed. I mean what the hell?  I was threatened with a gun, at least rob me you piece of shit Rockford hillbilly.

To Rkfd news and their readers I am offering a REWARD for turning in your retarded brother to the Portuguese Mafia.  Pathetic, all of you!  These kids were probably leaving the Metro Center after graduating from an RPS district high school.”  – Jinny Fernandez, 05.28.2013

Well, there’s the sad punchline.  Thank you for sharing your awful story with us, Jinny.  We wish we could tell the readers it’s fiction, but it’s not.

– Tchad Beale

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