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Super Group, Emerald Derby, Previews “I Don’t Eat In Rockford”

Super Group, Emerald Derby, Previews “I Don’t Eat In Rockford”

johnny-emeraldJohnny Emerald The IIIrd, Rockford’s Homeless Pop Star, Has Teamed Up With The Wealthy Lord and CEO of ALL in the YOU$A From $chaumburg–Lord Thomas Derby–For  A New Record Tentatively Titled, “Mister Johnny & Lord Thommy Sing The Rockford Blues Or Whatever”

The super-group is going by the name of Emerald Derby.  “A record of a original songs are being recorded as we speak and will be available in the future,” confirmed Alyssa Sojahnowski, a very sexy sales rep from Derby | Reynolds who wears hooker boots to meetings in Rockford, IL to steal clients away from regional ad firms.

Mister Johnny & Lord Thommy Sing The Rockford Blues Or Whatever

Mister Johnny & Lord Thommy Sing The Rockford Blues Or Whatever

Lord Derby discovered Johnny Emerald The IIIrd down at Davis Park last year.  Since then, the CEO and LORD of ALL in the YOU$A from $chaumburg has helped Rockford’s Favorite Homeless Pop Star pave a career out of cardboard box into a studio.

It seemed natural that the Lord Thomas and I sing together at some point,” said Johnny.

Emerald’s debut record is done and will be available at Wired Cafe later this year but offers, “I can’t wait for you to hear my new solo record but these new sessions with Lord Derby are going to allow me to move  out of my box and into an abandoned honda accord car before winter. I can’t take another Rockford winter, the box years are almost over.”

Click here to backtrack on all Johnny news and songs we’ve shared, and listen to the duo’s preview below.

– Chuck Toncha

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