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Jesus Of Rockford Prayer For Transformation Revealed

Heavenly Rockford,
You gather us together in our transformation journey
Trusting in your vision and strategy,
We join one another as a community to share free ideas to increase civic pride,
But mainly to secretly lobby for monetary state and federal help
A community of transformation on a journey
Together we are Rockford
A journey to grow ever deeper in our transformation…
In our Love for Fast Food…
In our Desire to Drink Together at City Market…
Along the way, please remind us of your Love for Good Jobs
Teach us about Income Equality
Teach us about Welfare Degradation
Teach us about Good Business Ethics
Teach us about Positive Local News
Teach us about American Dreams
And how we can achieve them
In the same manner that
for example
a downtown T-shirt screen printing business would

Teach us about taking labor from our brothers and sisters
To profit from behind their backs
For the Good of Rockford
To help Rockford feel better
For the Good of Transformation
And stuff
Or whatever
For we are not worthy yet of your transformation
Of your sacrifice for us
Of your ever mindful presence
Let us never lose weight along the way
Feed us Beef and Chicken
From our Favorite Fast Food Joints 
Help us to be strong…
Strong and Real…
Strong and Original…
Strong in our Excellence
To be ever so mindful of your transformational power
We Believe in You, Rockford
Oh God?
No, oh Me
For it is in your strength
And Love of Positive Local News
And the Hashtags
That you bestow upon us on the internets
That we can go out and share in your Transformation
It is in the name of Thomas Derby
Our Lord and CEO
Who lives and reigns in Schaumburg, IL
With you, Rockford
And the Holy Sprit of Portillo’s Beef and Sausage Sandwich
With The Olympic’s No Bread Fread Dinner
That we are one God
Transformed from each other’s proud abilities
To believe
To follow
And never lead

To walk in your positive footsteps
Into the slaughterhouse
Of this beautiful thing called Life In Rockford
For ever and ever
And ever
For this is the Word of Rockford


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