Animal advocate to chain herself to tree for the dogs

Animal advocate to chain herself to tree for the dogs

BELOIT- Animal shelter manager Heather Furman wanted to bring attention to the struggle dogs have in the freezing temperatures we have been having in the Midwest by tying herself to a tree to show onlookers the plight of dogs left chained alone in backyards with little housing or companionship.

This Saturday, Jan 18, Furman will tie a chain to her waist in a open field at 143 West Maple Avenue in South Beloit from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon naked except for some sandals and cute doggie bone earrings, in hopes to raise enough money to purchase more heated dog houses for the We Be Furry shelter in South Beloit.

“I can feel what it is to be a dog for a day and see how hard it is for them to handle it,” Furman stated.

For a part of the day, Furman will be tied up in an open field, and each time she collects donations in increments of $200, she will take a coffeetree and potty break. For part of the day, Furman anticipates she will be standing in the freezing wind, but feels this public service announcement will bring attention to the suffering dogs must endure when their owners don’t realize or care how cold it is to be outdoors in backyards with no protection.

The Beloit Fire Department will be periodically checking on Furman.

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