Potato Ketchup Added to Rockford Area LINK Card Options

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Rating: 3

Rockford, IL — The Rockford-area community asked for ketchup and potatoes to be added to their LINK card benefits, and the state of Illinois’ lawmakers answered by developing a new product line with the Heinz company that is only available

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Duplex Cookies Tossed Out of Rockford for New Downtown Loft Cookies

Rockford, IL — “We Rockfordians have had enough. Our cookies have been cracking and crumbling for too long.” Said Ruth Marche, a well known, well-to-do, community leader and Rockford Transformationalist. Marche has lived in Rockford since before our city’s Nickel

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Chick-Fil-A Rockford Location Receives 2016 Google Reviews Award

Rockford, IL — Rockford’s Chick-fil-A location has received the prestigious 2016 Google Reviews Award.  Congratulations to everyone in Rockford that loves fried chicken, and to the Chick-fil-A Rockford staff for making it one of the most pleasurable, non-violent meals in

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Rockford’s #1 Mexican Restaurant Delivers Sad News

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Rating: 4.4

Rockford, IL – Rockford’s favorite Mexican restaurant(s), Taco Bell, is leaving the region.  Taco Bell’s North American CEO, Steven “Nevets” Gomez, released a statement confirming the sad news: “We keep on winning the Rockford Register Star’s Best of Rockford readers

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Now That That Whole Cheap Trick Petition Thing Is Over, Rockfordians and Local Media Get Back To Petitioning For Jobs and Fuddrucker’s To Come Here

Rockford, IL – 2015 is over.  Thank yous to Larry, Chief Chet, and all of the biased local media outlets for spreading positivity in dark times. Now that that whole Cheap Trick community petition thing is over, Rockfordians by the tens

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The Best of Times, The Worst of Times – Remembering Our Chief, Part 2

Rockford, IL – Chief Chen is retiring and the search for a new chief of police commences. Rockford area community leaders and professional facebookers have strong opinions about our soon-to-be former chief.  We’ve heard it all, and we’ve read it

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