Do not touch Poop.

Do not touch Poop.

Experts are learning more about how to contain the virus that has infected around 7,500 people in West Africa as you know something terrible always seems to find it’s way to Rockford so it is only a matter of time.
Also the race is on to stop this deadly disease that kills more than half of those it infects.

Here’s what is known.

Ebola is spread by direct contact with contaminated body fluids. Blood, vomit and saliva can all carry and spread the deadly virus.

The relatives of sick patients and the healthcare workers who care for them are at highest risk of infection, but anyone who comes into close proximity potentially puts themselves at risk.So do not touch poop or blood or vomit this should be easy because they are all gross to touch unless you are into this sort of thing.

For that reason, contact should only be for essential medical care and always under the full protection of the right clothing.And do not touch poop.

The virus can’t breach protective gear, such as gloves, mask/face shield, a full body suit and tough rubber wellington boots, but too few have access to state-of-the-art kit. You con also use some garbage bags secured to your body with rubber bands or wrap your entire face in saran wrap using old toilet paper tubes for your eyes and nose, this will look crazy but might help.
Also that whole not touching bodily fluids like poop or blood or vomit will help also.


If an infected droplet does get on to your skin, it can be washed away immediately with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

The eyes are a different matter. A spray of droplets from a sneeze directly into the eye, for example, could let the virus in.If you are sneezed on do not panic because you are probably going to get Ebola just try to remain calm maybe go out to the bar and have some revenge sex with an old girlfriend that you hate.Or better yet hit the gym.

Similarly, the mucous membranes of the mouth and inside of the nose are vulnerable areas, as is broken skin.
So let’s review cover your eyes with something like safety goggles if you do not have access to safety goggles you can use something like wrapping your head in saran wrap. Also do not touch poop.


One of the most shocking symptoms of Ebola is bleeding.(gross) Patients can bleed from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and rectum.(gross) Diarrhoea and vomit may also be tainted with blood.

A big infection risk is cleaning up. Any laundry or other clinical waste should be incinerated. Any medical equipment that needs to be kept should be decontaminated.

Without adequate sterilisation, virus transmission can continue and amplify.Also do not touch poop.


Generally, once someone recovers from Ebola and they have the all-clear, they can no longer spread the virus.

But according to the World Health Organization Ebola can be found in semen for seven weeks and some studies suggest it can be present for up to three months.

For this reason, doctors say that people who recover from Ebola should abstain from sex or use condoms for three months.

Also do not touch poop.

You will not catch Ebola if you do not touch poop and you will learn more when we type faster.

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