Rockford Dream Police Hunt For Grape-Flavored Drugs

Rockford Dream Police Hunt For Grape-Flavored Drugs

Rockford, IL – Around 2 PM today, several officers were en route to the area of Springfield and Safford near a tree line and a stone structure for a possible sighting of a pallet of grape flavored marijuana. Initial Rockford Scanner traffic said that a local resident spotted a suspicious grape scented object falling from the sky attached to a white parachute.  It was described as being about 4′ x 4′ wide with plastic bags bandaged to a wooden pallet.

A helicopter was also reported as flying really low.  Local Facebook celebrity and owner of the very popular (and hilarious), Rickie Traeger, took a nice photo with his phone for you to look at. See it to the right. Hahaha.

Officers were in the area fairly quickly and setup a perimeter for the drug-sniff drop-off lock-down. So exciting! They put the local schools on lockdown for fear of a grape flavored marijuana spree.

The police searched the areas of Lockwood and Anna Page Parks using several officers, K9 units, and air support.  The officers had called off the search around 4:30PM when they were unable to locate the suspicious grape-scented falling object but neighbors believe it had been retrieved safely by grape flavored pot loving strangers before law enforcers were able to confiscate it for their own internal enjoyment and resale use.

True story.  When we learn more you’ll know less.


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  1. Cecil Smiles 14 November, 2013, 05:41

    OOOhhh FFForrr Fuccckkk sakes…

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  2. MaryAnne 9 October, 2013, 12:14

    I don’t think the police dogs were trained to smell grape marijuana – they might need retraining!!

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