Elmer Fudd and Bugs Battle It Out On Facebook

Elmer Fudd and Bugs Battle It Out On Facebook

Cartoons Exchange Facebook Words; Mr. Bunny presents a fact, Mr. Fudd feels bad and attacks Mr. Bunny with a naughty, male genital, name!

The Rockford War Between the feel-miserably-better Get Positive Squad and the reality based Logic Battalion Rages On and On and On.

Rockford, IL – Today on the internationally famous platform for public opinions and discarded facts, Chief Tchad Beale witnessed another Rockford area battle going down between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny.  Elmer Fudd defended Mr. Quinn Gelastio, famous guitarist from FrequencyX2, while attacking Bugs Bunny for presenting a fact with a proof link.

Elmer was not happy and called Mr. Bunny a “dick”.  Mr. Bunny asked Mr. Fudd why he made it personal instead of providing the fact with a fact versus a verbal attack.  A libel attack on a cartoon character went down on facebook.com!

Mr. Fudd was even more confused and called Mr. Bunny more names and saying, “Quinn Gelastio is my friend! You be nice, Bunny!”

You tell that bunny where to go, Mr. Fudd!  Click on the screen capture to read the full transcript.


In other news, we agree with Mr. Bunny for breaking the noose with facts.  Poor Rockford, they take everything to heart, defending facts with opinions.  Realists have no chance, Mr. Bunny. You’ll be better off feeding from the carrot patch over in Iowa where facts matter.

There are some wonderful characters in the Forest City of Hopes, Dreams, Sounds and Visions. We are happy to know all of them so that we can break the noose for you once again.

You’ll know more when we know less.™

– Lisa Soland, Reporter and Proud Fiancée of Chief Tchad Beale, the most wonderful man in Rockford, IL, and the most amazing man on earth, and the most powerful man in the universe who enjoys breaking the little peasants’ nooses.

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