Lovers Quarrel Inspires Winter Block Party

Lovers Quarrel Inspires Winter Block Party
Naked neighbors wrestled each other here. Ginny and Justin Nickleback started the block party.

Naked neighbors wrestled each other here. Mindy and Justin Nickleback started the block party.

Rockford, IL – Mindy and Justin Pickleback took their love making to new levels this past weekend.   What started as a yelling match in the kitchen after a few Rolling Rocks ended up in their front yard on a pile of snow on the east side of Rockford, IL this weekend.

Neighbors didn’t like it was going on without them either.

“We came home from church and brunch yesterday to see Minny and Justin doing the birds and the bees.  My son Charles said, “Mommy, look at his butt!”  We were in shock.  My husband quickly sped up and parked as far up our driveway as he could.  I rushed our children inside and Steve went to talk to Justin.  Next thing you know I look out the window to see what is going on and my husband is naked with Minny and Justin in their front yard wrestling!  I couldn’t believe it.  I called Stephanie, our neighbor across the street, to see if she was paying attention and next thing you know, Stephanie and Rick, her husband, are out in the front yard wrestling with Minny, Justin, and my husband Steve!  IT was so gross.  Before you know it there was 19 more people in Minny and Justin’s front yard wrestling naked.” said Rita Creed, wife of Steve.

RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) showed up to stop the wrestling match but ended up naked with the neighbors.  Helicopters from Wisconsin news team were on scene from above filming the story.  Sources have confirmed that it was indeed an orgy and not a wrestling match.

Congratulations to Minny and Justin for pulling off the most fantastic neighborhood brawl in the history of Rockford, IL!

– Lisa Soland


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