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Rockfordians Already Living in Trump’s Hateful Reality of America for Decades

Rockfordians Already Living in Trump’s Hateful Reality of America for Decades

wendysRockford, IL — Locals aren’t surprised by this year’s national election result winner for the highest executive government job in America.

Look at us, look at Rockford. We’ve been seasoned by amateur leaders for decades, son. America finally took notice of how well Rockford leaders have been leading its people towards the slaughterhouse,” said Neil Larson, 72-year-old Swedish immigrant retiree.

Larson was 57 in 2001 when he lost his job at Ingersoll Milling Company after 34 years on Fulton St, located on the northwest side of Rockford.  The 11 block factory still sits empty most days, serving a harsh reminder to the community about jobs and a lack of.  Larson added, “Those media folks and all of their crazy friends that are drinking the poison—Transform Rockford—keep telling people jobs are on the up. Where? Cherryvale Mall food court security? Portillo’s drive-thru?Unknown

Sustaining fair paying middle class jobs that nurtures families, which in turn nurtures the community, has been a problem in the Northern IL region for business leaders to figure out for decades, because they are not qualified to. Rockfordians have chosen two roads to take in the past few decades with regards to hiring important people to run their businesses and local government:

1) Not showing up to vote in better leaders that are qualified for the jobs at stake in order to address and possibly serve the people’s needs; and 2) electing fucking amateurs to represent the same network of nepotistic individuals that keep Rockford GREAT for the few, wealthy, privileged trust fund babies who are politically driven by protecting private interests and developing properties, thus creating an insulated kingdom that serves themselves and their little network of thieves, and not the people.

That’s the truth, folks.

Free soap for Rockfordians

Free soap for Rockfordians

Congratulations, America, for taking the road that Rockfordians have been on for decades. We are always making Rockford great on the internet again and if you’re one of those special people that believes in Mr. Trump’s idea of America, you will most likely make America great for the world wide web, if not your community.

Lastly, we’re done. This shit isn’t funny anymore. (It never was.) Most of us here at RKFDnews has been living in Trump’s hateful idea of America for decades by default. People are what they are born into—try and work out of it, but the clear path for hope and change is to leave the ‘state’ you’re born into. (If you can; most can’t afford to without up and leaving a mess for others to clean.)

For most of Rockford and its good hard-working people, life hasn’t been funny, fair, or rewarding of hard work for decades because we keep hiring and promoting fucking amateurs who hire and promote fucking amateurs while treating decent, over-qualified people like fucking garbage—because amateurs are easily threatened. They don’t understand what leadership entails, or what nurturing successful thinking, action, and results means. Change that fact you proud, ignorant, positivity-preaching, condescending, always smiling, back-stabbing smarmy fucks and sycophants, and you might have an America that gives a few more shits again about working even harder to sustain its greatness. We’re already great—our leaders are not.

Fried chicken, potatoes, soaps and soups for everyone. We out.



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