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Rockford Leaders Call Angelina Jolie For Help

Rockford, IL – Word from City Hall has the village of Rockford, IL celebrating great news tonight.  Local leaders including Mayor Barry Morrisson have told RKFDNews.com that they FaceTimed and Skype Chatted with Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian representatives today with regards

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Coffee With Senor Fuhrer – Adolph Hitler and Chief Tchad Beale Drink Coffee and Discuss Opportunities

“Rockford in 2013 is very similar to when I took over Germany in 1933 – I see opportunities!” – Señor Führer, aka Adolph Hitler, interviewed below by RKFDNews.com editor, Chief Tchad Beale. Coffee With Adolph Chief Tchad Beale = RKFD

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Where’s Rick? There’s Larry! #2

Rick Nielsen Sighting provided by Kraig Nichols, Rockford, IL: “Spotted Rick this morning at the Stop-N-Go on North Main Street.  It looked like he had a bottle of YooHoo in his hands.  I waited behind him in line for quite

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Rockford’s Rosie Rayburn Climbs Karaoke Ladder

UPDATE 09-25-2012:  Rosie Rayburn won a large vegetarian pizza party coupon last night that she can use at any specialty pizza restaurant between Illinois and Minnesota, including Wisconsin.  Rayburn took 1st place at the Midwestern Karaoake Quarterfinals in Oshkosh, WI

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