Eating Out Rockford: Chobayachi Teriyaki Grille

Eating Out Rockford: Chobayachi Teriyaki Grille

Editor’s note: “Eating Out Rockford” is a bi-weekly feature on interesting places to dine & drink in Rockford.  Ron Kites is not a food professional, and his opinions are not reflective of those on the RKFDNews Team, or RKFDNews Inc.

ROCKFORD, IL – Chobayachi Teriyaki Grille is a new upscale fusion teppan-style grille and ristorante that opened a few months ago on North Perryville Ave.  Owner and head chef Chen Wang has been pleased with the reception he’s received from the Rockford community, and he says he’s ready to take it up to the next level.

“Of course, Rockford people should enjoy my cooking!  I am classically trained Japanese fusion chef– who else bringing real fusion grille flavor to this town?  If they are doing it, I have not heard anything about it,” says Wang.

Customers rave over his duck fried rice with crispy pork noodle, and his spicy szechuan scallop ceviche is one of the top sellers– though, a tad too picante for my taste buds.

I didn’t really like any of the sushi appetizers they offered (raw fish? yuck!), so I asked if they could prepare chicken nuggets for me.  I’m on a strict breast-meat only diet.  My teppan chef, Pedro, was very accommodating, but to be honest, I was kind of mad they didn’t have spicy honey mustard.  I mean, come on, not even a honey BBQ sauce.

The real Chobayachi experience is at the teppan, or “grill fried” in Mandarin, where you can enjoy the chef preparing your food right in front of you.  My friends and I enjoyed the show, with the flipping and the shrimp, and the fried rice.  It was all very well coordinated and exciting.  I felt very safe with Pedro, even when there was a fiery onion volcano between us.  Wang claims that the show is the secret to the business.

“Consistency.  Customer know what to expect.  You sit down, order drink, eat mushroom soup, watch chef play with egg, you eat your shrimp, or your sirloin, or your stir fried whale confit with tomato concasse and bruleéd squash blossom, and you leave. Bye bye see you next time.”

“I am very busy,” added Wang. 

By Ron Kites

Yummy moments: Yummi sauce.  Smelling the sesame oil on my clothes later.

Yucky moments:  Sitting next to a stranger.  Too much meat tenderizer on the steak.   Singed eyebrows.

Chobayachi Teriyaki Grille
4428 N. Perryville
Rockford IL
Hours: 7 days a week, 12pm-7:15pm

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Editor’s note: “Eating Out Rockford” is a bi-weekly feature on interesting places to dine & drink in Rockford.  Ron Kites

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