Popular Rockford Mommy Makes More Cookies For Her Little Pumpkins and Hubby

Popular Rockford Mommy Makes More Cookies For Her Little Pumpkins and Hubby

L > R: Tiny Terry, Captain Terrance (Juicy Bigs), Shelly, Little Linda

Rockford, IL – Cookies are in the Autumn air around Rockford.  Rockford smells so delicious. Earlier this week we reported that Mrs.Jill DeContonio baked a nice batch of cookies for her son Don and his friends to end Labor Day Weekend while kicking off Autumn.  It set off a string of Rockford area events.  We’ve received four emails since Monday asking us for Mrs. DeContonio’s recipe however it was an email from Rockford Mommy, Shelly, that alerted us of a Rockford Cookie craze.

800px-Chocolate_Chip_Cookies_-_kimberlykvShelly states she is a “stay-at-home mom to Little Linda and Tiny Terry.  My pumpkins.”  Shelly also admitted she is “the loving wife of Captain Terrance, my Juicy Bigs!  He flies planes.  When I was pregnant with Little Linda, Terrance bought me a Macintosh to learn how to graphic design and now I am a self-taught graphic designer. Terrance and I have a website together to keep in touch with our Rockford fans.  I am going to share my cookie recipe online!”

Shelly and Terrance run the region’s very popular website for parents and fans called RockfordMommy.com and RockfordDad.com

She told us via email, “Your article about the mommy who made cookies for her son and his friends was really nice! I decided to make cookies for my little pumpkins. We save two for Terrance! LOL!”

You can have Shelly’s cookie recipe online.  As she puts it, “I want my fans to enjoy the same kind of cookies I bake for my little pumpkin and handsome man Juicy Bigs lol!”

– Ron Kites

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  1. Bertha Derpkins, Rockford Native 11 September, 2013, 10:34

    Is it just me, or did anyone else hear the distant cry of “MEAN PEOPLE, ASSEMBLE!” upon reading the intro at rockforddad.com?

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    • RKFD NEWS GOD Author 12 September, 2013, 12:38

      Hello, Bertha. We asked Shelly about their Rockford Journey and how they manage mean people who send them fan mail. She said, “terrance and i ask mmean people to go away! my husband said do not be mean in return instead share all the meanie fan mail so that our nice fans can see how mean people are when we share our rockford journey.” Terrance was unavailable for a comment but he did post this on their site a few weeks ago:

      He says, “I don’t appreciate all the mean questions and comments. I told Shelly to block whoever she wants to on the facebook and here. Don’t worry it’s not all bad. She wants to do something good for the mean people so we are praying for anyone we block or remove at church each Sunday. We prayed yesterday for a few people. Maybe one day our fans will pray for them too.”

      They are so nice. We are afraid to tell them that the meanies leaving questions and fan mail for them are their own fellow Rockford couples and parental friends and fellow christians that they pray with. Our staff doesn’t want to be the bad noose messenger to them but we see the IP addresses that are asking them questions and leaving naughty comments on their site. Rockford’s finest christians, do-gooders, teachers, parents are getting Rockforded and they are behaving very mean to Capt. Terrance and Mrs. Shelly.

      Her cookies are amazing, thanks for writing,

      – Chief Beale

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