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Bologna is good.

Bologna is good.

Rockford, IL – Is a bologna sandwich healthy?  If I eat a bologna sandwich, is that good or bad?

I eat an apple as well with the sandwich. I always eat a salad for lunch and rye toast with smoked salmon for dinner. I drink a lot of water and exercise for 30 min everyday.

Our readers have this to say about bologna:Green-Frog

bootzie9 answered 4 minutes ago
Well bologna isn’t the best thing for you. Everything else you are eating and doing is extremely healthy!
Maybe you should try a bologna sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes too to make it more healthy.

raymondtitts4 answered 6 minutes ago
Bologna isn’t healthy by any stretch of the imagination. Some kind of unprocessed meat, that doesn’t have nitrates in it, is way better.
But the rest of it is okay, as long as the sandwich is on 100% whole wheat bread.

Nutterbutter 3 answered 8 minutes ago
Stop depending on other people to make you happy. You have made some poor choices in your relationships it seems and you have to get over it and learn from your mistakes. It’s part of life. Wise up and don’t let anyone take advantage of you especially when it comes to bologna. There are many ways to make sandwiches such as getting involved in something that really interests you and finding others who like the same sandwiches. I don’t know whether or not you are looking for a friend or a romantic relationship with bologna. Why would you ever think you have to go 10 years before some other kind of processed deli meat comes along? When one does come along, don’t think they are Rockford (Your Savior) because no one can live up to that title.Think positive and do positive things in your life. You may need to get some counseling to get over your past meat eating experiences.

You will know more when we start making  children who eat bologna.

– Jay Vannigan

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