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SPECIAL REPORT: The Hours Before Ricky Was Arrested, He Wrote Us Scripture

SPECIAL REPORT:  The Hours Before Ricky Was Arrested, He Wrote Us Scripture is the official breaking noose sponsor for the City of Rockford and Rickie.

Below are official transcripts and screen shots of EXPLOSIVE messages that Rockford Scanner’s website and Facebook page shared today before its founder was arrested for something.  Imaginary assault, verbal threats, something? (If you missed our special coverage from day 1 of this locally historic events, click here to read and then come on back.)

Let us draw a line in the sand before there is any confusion, we are Team Reggie! Go Reggie Go Reggie Go Go Goalllllol! #nevergofullrockford™ 


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.18.05 PMFROM ROCKFORDSCANNER.COM’s FRONT PAGE, September 24th, 2014. The Hours before Ricky was arrested. (Words © 2014

Things have been made very clear I am going to be discredited and in jail or in a casket. So I am going out with things, I have been quiet on a long time. If their shit continues, or if something does “happen” well I will only say heads will fucking spin in this town!!!  I been shit on for years, and kept quiet. And been publicly supporting certain things, to help keep peace. But peace hasn’t happened. 2 way streets go further than 1 way streets.

Evidence lies within many individuals, and even groups. Many know the truth, and are itching to expose it.  So you can stop your bullshit and we can go on our merry ways. Or you can pull more shit and EVERYTHING will come out.

So now, this is where it lays…


P.S. Trolls and haters, things don’t go left unnoticed ;)
There’s fake sites, fake things, going around. Only follow our website here at


Today is the day I am going to expose some of the TRUTH about whats been happening behind scenes at Rockford Scanner that I have held in too long.

You can all thank the construction crew in Loves Park, working at Harlem rd, just East of Perryville. For making me get to this point. I have kept my mouth shut on ALOT of things. And I am done. I have publicly supported the politicians, police officers, firefighters for years. Even though they have censored Rockford Scanner and have physically and verbally attacked me.

Things would have worked a lot better running a 2 way street, but the police have chosen they want to run a 1 way street. With me and the public.


Many public officials and servants hate Rockford Scanner, because I kinda tell it like it is. And the facts prove their “statistics” wrong. So I have dealt with a lot of stuff behind scenes. I have publicly supported them

The day my dad passed away, right after I left the hospital!!! I had two ISP officers pull me over near Auburn and Rockton. Their excuse was no seatbelt. They pulled their typical routine, gave me a false ticket for no seatblet. They let me go then pulled me back over a few blocks down the road and pulled their guns on me and tried yanking me out the vehicle screaming really loud about how they hate Rockford Scanner because they do not like how I post the stuff I do and how the public should not know about it.

Last year I had a heart to heart discussion with Epperson and Hoey in their private room. Well you all know what happened…   Well during that discussion they made it very clear on how they censor the media and how they only tell the media what they want to be heard.  If a murder happened, all they had to do was tell the media nothing happened. And well nothing was reported.  They said they run 60 channels on their system, but yet only 2 are unencrypted (to make the public happy they said)

You remember when that lady stabbed her child multiple times on Woodrow?  I was the only one on scene for media that night. Two officers came up to me and said they were going to kill my family and me if I broke that story. They made some very strong threats that night. Saying how they were going to pull my family over and torture them, and leave em for dead tied to a tree out in a field. Needless to say I am all about freedom of speech, so I broke that story because the public deserved to know about it.

When Rockford Scanner first started I had several firefighters on the Loves Park Fire Department, make some disturbing threats because they didnt like how I posted the facts on a story. So they cornered me one night at a business and said: They were going to kidnap my wife and 2 daughters. Rape my wife, and at the time 10 year old daughter and my 1 year old daughter. While they made me watch. Then slit their throats and let them bleed out. And then rape them again. And then kill me and then burn our bodies in acid. Then burn our house down.

You remember when there was an accident and a search for a suspect at 11th st and 5th ave, about a month ago. Police everywhere, K-9 searching, etc… And yet the police say there was nothing that happened. Welcome to my world. This happens ALOT to Rockford Scanner.

I get pulled over all the time, just so they can scream and harass me and tell me how I need to shut down Rockford Scanner. I had them beat my ass out on Meridian rd one night. And other time near Loves Truck Stop in Roscoe. And another time on Baxter rd. The one on Baxter, he decided to use a tazer gun and zapped me countless times. All because they do not want Rockford Scanner around.

Yeah, This is just a few of the things that have happened. I have a lot of this on video and audio, because I carry several hidden cameras on me, because of this stuff. And if push comes to shove, I am going to go public with more stuff and videos.

So, this lovely city of ours is not so lovely at all, when it comes to our public officials censoring the media and RS. And trying to make things look better than they are.  I post the stuff, because i want our fans to know what is going on. I careless about statistics or politics. I care about our fans and their safety. Unlike some of these people that are supposed to protect and serve.

From this point forward, I am done. You pull one more stunt, and i will make sure everyone who has copies of this evidence and my lawyers, will make this public.  You want to continue to harass and attack me, GAME ON!  I am done holding in the truth. The public deserves to hear the truth, and that is what I am going to bring them!!!

I am sure once I post this, they will pull some more bullshit or hell maybe dead. But at least now the public has some knowledge what goes on behind the scenes that I never make public.  And trust me, this is barely the tip of the ice berg!!!


See what happens was, only a certain amount of people came out to vote last time. A number way lower than Rockford Scanner followers numbers.

See when ya run a website that has just under 40 million hits a month, and 75,000 fans on FB.  That becomes an issue to certain people

Because of what we post, shows certain statistics wrong. And makes certain people in power, look a little bad.  And they aren’t happy.

And well when ya have that big of a following, and that low of a voter turnout. Well you fill in the blanks…

I guess after today, and certain things happening. It just sucks, that when thingsare not a 2 way street,some things just happen to go public</span>…

I have tried to work with these individuals behind scenes, and not air some dirty laundry out there. But it is kinda hard to work with someone, when they run a 1 way street.

  • Well with things being said, some people ran with this and are trying to spin the topic or trolling. So I want to set things straight here.
  • I kept quiet a long time because I respect that most public servants are good people and do their jobs right. And I wanted to spare those, from having to deal with this.
  • To you people trying to spin this story or say this stuff never happened.  I am glad you walked in my shoes!!!  I am glad this is amusing to you. You are just as bad as those who are doing this stuff to my family and me, and RS.
  • It does not hide the fact this stuff has happened, and is still happening.
  • As for that construction crew, well we had a little altercation today because someone likes to abuse their power of authority. When you abuse your power for so long, I am not going to stand quiet any longer. And well this is what sparked today with me going public on things.
  • People abusing their power, because they think they are better than others. And I will not tolerate this any longer.

I am tired of people thinking they are better than others. I am tired of those in power, abusing their power. And I am tired of the truth being withheld from the public.
I have had a lot of stuff happen to me over the years,and still is happening. And well, it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out my future since I made certain things public. Yes, the people are there for me, because I am standing up and finally speaking out. And I REALLY DO APPRECIATE THAT ALOT!

  • But when push comes to shove, they will pull more shit. Put a spin on this or make the story disappear, or make me look bad so the heat is off of them.
  • Me going public with this, has definitely endangered my life. And I fully accept, a bullet may be put in my head, but I can rest easily knowing that some of this has now gone public.
  • When the public rallied behind RS last time shit hit the fan, certain people realized something, and they made it clear that they were going to “discredit” me and RS.
  • I understand there will be people that will not believe what I am saying. I respect that. But I will say, do not expect me to be in your corner when the shit hits the fan in your boots.
  • With this being said, I want to thank everyone for their support during this time. And I promise that I will have those in possession of those videos, release them on a certain date and time. So even if anything does “happen” to my family or me, the truth will still be exposed.  But in the meantime, I will still fully support those who protect and serve us, the right way!!!


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.13.38 PMFROM ROCKFORDSCANNER.COM’s FACEBOOK PAGE, September 24th, 2014. The Hours before Ricky was arrested. (Words © 2014

Considering my life is now in danger, be sure to EXPOSE the hell out of this. SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE. 

Some stuff is on the front page of my website at 

I have been through a lot over the years, this shit needs to stop and the truth exposed. 

Screenshot this shit before its down again!!! Make this VIRAL!!!

P.S. Jim, Lets see how your dirty laundry airs out next.

I am done, shit is going public…

I will make one thing very clear here, if I or anyone I know goes to jail or ends up dead, heads will fucking roll in this town.

Oh man, that sucks its election year too…

Discredit me all you want, but you can’t hide the truth.

You can stop me, but ya cant stop the truth.

Some stuff is on the front page of my website at

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