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Symbol Fest Sold Out, New Labor Day Location TBA

Symbol Fest Sold Out, New Labor Day Location TBA

Incredible, positive news arrived in our email box from Symbol Festival officials yesterday.  After months of waiting for FREE tickets to what will be a wonderful event for the Rockford community, we got our tickets! North America’s premier music festival, Symbol Festival, is sold out which is great news.  Confusion as to where the festival is being relocated to still looms large over the event. Efforts by my brother Gene to contact Symbol Festival officials with event questions were returned to our email box as being undeliverable. According to the festival’s website, a new location is being announced on September 3rd, 2015, in time for the holiday weekend!  This is great news for the Rockford area region as it slowly recovers from losing Illinois’s largest street music and culture festival, Off The Waterfront!

Some local leaders do not believe that Symbol Festival is real, which is what happens when very negative thinking takes over a community’s mindset.

WIFR TV Channel 23 in Rockford, IL, has reported that it’s a hoax (watch negative thinking video above) and that the site has been taken down. We believe that the local media likes to encourage a very negative way of thinking which can prevent major events, like Symbol Festival, from occurring.  Also, the event site is alive and kicking according to my brother, Gene, which conflicts with the news report.  Naughty!  Very naughty of you, WIFR!

I asked Gene’s friends, Stone and Double Ts, and they said, “We believe that this is the event we’ve ball been waiting for in our hearts and minds. A free music festival with free marketing and performances by bands? Some people have complained that we have to pay for food? So what. What’s not to like? And not a penny spent by anyone in the hornets nest, downtown Rockford, to create such a buzz? People need to believe in Rockford if they want to transform it.

That is 100% positive.  Thank you, Stone and Two Ts, for confirming our beliefs in Symbol Fest!

Some locals have taken to the internet to buy tickets for the sold-out event, which is even more positive news for the local economy because Symbol Festival officials have stated online that they “sent out 20,000 FREE tickets to anyone who RSVP’d ahead of time.” Someone help our community find tickets!

We CAN do? We ARE do!

Nate, Gene’s Brother


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