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Pokemon GO Blamed For Rockford’s Webcam Porn Industry Layoffs

[Thank you to Josh M. of Rockford, IL, for emailing us this noose-story.] Rockford, IL — Several of Rockford’s local webcam “porn star” ladies are out of work due to Pokemon GO.  Mass layoffs are being reported all over Rockford and on the

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Renegade Alderman Dismantles Billboards Overnight To Initiate Rockford Transformation By Eliminating Erect Messages

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Rockford, IL– The war on crime, illiteracy and unemployment took a detour last night when city council’s most outspoken leader, Dom Thirmkey, took matters of transforming The Rockford into a thing of the past by dismantling a few billboards. Thirmkey

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Texas Governor, Rick Perry, Lures Unemployed Aldermen to Resign for Relocation and Job Opportunities

Rockford, IL – Just hours after Rockford’s 6th Ward Alderman, Mervin Halls, turned in his resignation to Mayor Barry Morrison (read about the hilarious truth here), another one of Rockford’s Alderman resigned as well due to not having a full-time

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Ad Campaign Transforms Into City Art & Fashion Event

Rockford, IL – A local marketing campaign led by a city alderman / business owner along with her ad-firm / boutique-business owning friend transformed itself into an art gallery event and fashion show. The efforts are rooted within the city’s momentum

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