TEDx Returns to Rockford, Idea Makers Gather For Story Hour Day, Many Prepare to Drink Coffee

TEDx Returns to Rockford, Idea Makers Gather For Story Hour Day, Many Prepare to Drink Coffee

TEDxRockfordLiveRockford, IL – TEDx is back and he wants to hear your ideas, Rockford!  Today’s event, TEDxRockfordLive, will feature lots of coffee and stories from locals about ideas and stuff.  Word is that everyone will walk away inspired to make Rockford a better place but local unemployed artist Charlize Frouncoit thinks otherwise.

Charlize Frouncoit, unemployed designer from Paris living in Rockford. Her boyfriend Poicoit will not come to America. He no like. Charlize is staying in Rockford to see the bike path in the spring and will take her big ideas back to France where they are paid for.

“I am from Paris, France. We enjoy finest coffee with idea meetings–how you says it?–too, as well, also?  But we enjoy monies we receive for good ideas. Good ideas make Paris superior world city.  Sexy time better in France. Rockford no good with sexy time. Me good time lover.  Rockford sad lover. I make good monies in France as artist from government with grant.  Me have university degree. Dr. Frouncoit the people call me in France.  Me produce “Think Less, Do More” hallway picture for company with monies.  Rockford not be influenced by good ideas until the monies can pay for them.   Me meet many business men for coffee ideas. Me not meet TEDx. Is he nice boy? Rockford coffee delicious. Me enjoy story time like you but everyday story time in Rockford. Nobody work? Me want to move back to France. I waiting til Spring, me see bike path.  Me hear it nice. Me send photos home to Mama and Papa. My boyfriend Poicoit do not like the America, he no come here. Is TEDx nice boy with monies?”

If you can’t make it today (it’s free), don’t worry:  Story hours with coffee take place everyday between 8am to 5pm and beyond all over town at any number of cafes and bars between our community’s most brilliant, fortunate, business leaders and the idea-makers they need charitable help from.

We here at RKFDNEws.com call it pillaging, they call it civic duty. If only paying for making good ideas a reality for the community was an idea, too.  Here’s hoping someone at TEDxRockfordLive talks about making money for good ideas. Enjoy the coffee and say hello to the woman who had an inspirational breakdown (click here) at the last TEDx event in Rockford.  If anyone missed that special get-together, click here for a recap of that wonderful story hour day in Rockford of Illinois.

– Tchad Beale


Below is the schedule for today’s story telling with coffee drinking event.

(source: http://tedxrockford.com/livestream.html )

​Thursday, February 28th at NIU Rockford

Don’t miss the best way to watch TED talks in Rockford! TEDxRockfordLive is a social viewing of TED talks recorded the previous day at TED in Long Beach, CA. TEDxRockfordLive is divided into four sessions throughout the day, and attendees are welcome as many as able. These talks will not be published online until mid-March, so this is an exclusive opportunity to view these talks before the general public has access.​​

Between events, discuss and create ideas with your fellow attendees. In addition to the breaks, stay for the lunch and the open TEDxRockford committee meeting (RSVP required for the provided lunch at the meeting), and join your fellow attendees after the fourth session for the after-party.

TEDxRockfordLive is free and there is no RSVP to attend! We encourage you to take an entire day to encounter the experiences, visions and ideas of 30 unique, informative and inspiring speakers.​​

​​Learn more about the speakers and connect with other TED fans at the TEDxRockford Facebook page.

Doors Open
7:30 a.m.​

SESSION 1: Disrupt!
7:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.​
Alastair Parvin, Designer​​​
Danny Hillis, Computer theorist
BLACK, Yo-yo champion
Lesley Perkes, Public art instigator​​​
Liu Bolin, Artist
Amanda Palmer, Musician, blogger
Larry Lessig, Legal activist​

SESSION 2: Dream!
​​10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 
Rich + Tone Taluega, Creative directors, coreographers
Ellon Musk, Serial entrepreneur
Mary Lou Jepsen, Screen engineer
Taylor Wilson, Nuclear scientist
Ji-Hae Park, Violinist
Stewart Brand​​​​​​​, Environmentalist, futurist

Lunch Break
​​​12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
RSVP if you’re attending the 12:30 open meeting ​and would like a provided lunch (first 25 responses.)
​​Open Forum TEDxRockford Committee Meeting
​12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Share your vision and help shape the future of TEDxRockford in this collaborative TEDxRockford committee meeting between sessions. 

SESSION 3​: Create!
​​​1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 
Martin Villeneuve, Graphic artist, director
Andrew McAfee, Management theorist
Dong Woo Jang, Bow designer
Jinsop Lee, Multi-sense designer​​​​
Barb Stuckey, Food creator
Yu “Jordey” Fu, Multifaceted designer
Jacky Myint, Designer
Kate Stone, Shepherd of electrons
Jack Andraka, cancer detector inventor​​​​​​

SESSION 4: Sustain!
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 
Leyla Acaroglu, Sustainability strategist
Wang Li, Mouth musician
Miranda Yang and Jeanny Yao, Science fair winners
Alex Laskey, Energy software creator
Pedrito Martinez Group, Afro-Cuban alchemists
Michael Green, Architect
Ron Finley, Renegade gardener
Allan Savory, Grassland ecosystem pioneer​​​​​​​

After-event Discussion
7:30 p.m. – ​
Location to be announced at event​

This is a totally FREE event. All are welcome to attend.
Feel free to attend any or all of the sessions. ​​

For more information, click here. ​​


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