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The Little Taco Who Do

A Story of Rockford Hope and Transformation

Taco Johns closes, The Little Taco is left to die but survives.  (Photo ©

Taco Johns closes; Little Tacos are left to die but 1  survives against all odds. (Photo ©

Rockford, IL – When Taco John’s restaurant on North Main St. closed its doors in the dead of winter,  The Little Taco was left outside to freeze to death and be eaten by Rockford’s homeless people, animals, and neighborhood kids.  All hope had left her to end up like her family and friends, or so it seemed.

“I didn’t know what to do at first.  I thought about offering myself up to the pack of red tailed foxes that came through for Tuesday Taco night but hope wrapped itself around me and kept me fresh.  The newspaper that shielded me from mother nature had a nice little story on page 1 about Transforming Rockford and keeping hope.  Talking and thinking positive was all I had in my darkest dumpster moments.  I was determined that I needed to make a plan to save myself.  So, I did.”

The Little Taco, Rockford, IL

The Little Taco, Rockford, IL

The Little Taco found itself in an uncompromising position one sunny afternoon.  Two gentlemen threw her from the dumpster onto a moving car heading south on N. Main St.  They stole her newspaper blanket, too.

“That’s what ultimately warmed my ground beef heart and saved me.  That newspaper story about hope and transformation can save Rockford and I thought, “It’s going to save me!”  I knew that I had to find a new taco joint come hell or high water.”

Taco Johns closes in Rockford, ILThe Little Taco hopped from her moving car in the middle of the Auburn and Main roundabout onto a Cadillac DeVille behind her that was making a swift move west on Auburn.  It was there in the distance that she saw hope, redemption, salvation and transformation in front of her; The Taco Bell.

“I did it.  The road I travelled from Taco Johns to Taco Bell was filled with sadness and defeat.  I lost all my friends and family to the Rockford War and I could have easily ended up like them, but that story in the newspaper that wrapped around me in my coldest, darkest, dumpster, moments saved me.  Thank you, Rockford.”

Taco Bell is loved by Rockford, IL, and they will love The Little Taco who transformed herself from Taco Johns to the Taco Bell on Auburn St..

Taco Bell is loved by Rockford, IL, and they will love The Little Taco who transformed herself from Taco Johns to the Taco Bell on Auburn St..

The Little Taco wants to say hello to you if you’re ever making a drug run down Auburn St. or have lost all Rockford hope.  Lastly, she wants you to know:

“If I can do more than talk about surviving the Rockford War, well, I now know that all the little tacos in Rockford that have been tossed out into the wild after their employer closes shop can survive and transform themselves into proud tacos elsewhere. I did it–wait–better yet, I do.”

Everyday for you, The Little Taco who do.

The End.  (You will learn more when we know less.™)

– Chief Tchad Beale

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