2012 Election Endorsements from RKFD News

2012 Election Endorsements from RKFD News

Rockford, IL – What an exciting time to be an American.  Better yet, what an exciting time to be a prosperous, proud American living and working in Rockford, IL.  Our region is known for hope, change, and progress through the strength of the independent voices that collectively rise to produce charitable labor year after year with hopes and dreams of earning more than $5 to $8/hour with their college degrees or work experience.  Where we go, our country goes.


Here are our endorsements for the 2012 Election:


Jesus Correa, Rockford, IL, Receives Our 2012 Election Endorsement for President


President:  Jesus Correa
A poll conducted by Winnebago County area voters all predicted our city’s favorite son to take this year’s election from Mr. Romney and President Obama.  After running for mayor of Rockford, IL and losing, he stole our hearts.  We feel he is more than ready for the big stage.  What the country needs now is original vision, innovative ideas, and a fresh, true voice from the people. That person is Jesus Correa.  No one else running for President of the United State of China’s Bitch, America, is capable of honest ideas rooted in innovation and independence.   Mr. Correa is far removed from either party’s collective voice.  He as our President will be for the better of the working class.

 Vice-President:  Jeb Bush

Jeb with brother George Can't Believe How Excited They Are To Be Back In Office So Soon With Our 2012 Election Endorsement For Vice-President

Jeb with brother George Can’t Believe How Excited They Are To Be Back In Office So Soon With Our 2012 Election Endorsement For Vice-President

Another son of America’s favorite family can bring balance and more laughs to Jesus Correa’s administration.  We feel that Jeb Bush is the best partner for Jesus Correa to work with, to steal ideas from, to make the laughs from.  We miss the laughs that the Bush family brings to our country’s most prestigious house, The White House.  We miss the laughs and Bush’s powerful ties to corruption, greed, wealth and everything that has come to define America from Presidents Washington to Obama will provide balance to Correa’s ideals, and will ease the country’s transition from bloody deceit and greed to Correa’s vision of a country that enjoys to wrestle with men in a ring with a referree, no weapons, while mankind makes more love with each other instead.  A world that sees cars running on water for electricity instead of oil.  Correa will help Jeb and his family ease into a new, peaceful way of life for them, and for the world.


All Congressional Districts:  Paul The Great
We have decided to do away with the other districts. We want to nominate one person to handle the entire state in Washington with one mind, one voice for the people– not two party voices who exist only to oppose each other while forgetting us, the people.  We nominate the wonderful man, Paul The Great.  He was able to ease the jealousy that had infected all Rockford area teachers while Chicago Teachers striked for better cars and longer lunches.  His experience with counseling and educating RPS 205 (Rockford Public School District) board members, teachers, students, parents, and tax payers of the community about the ways of the world and how to deal with injustices that these members of society have faced will be an asset to our country feeling better.  Paul The Great’s actions always speak louder than words.  He has helped all RPS 205 teachers understand that they have it better than most and that striking isn’t always the issue.  He told them, “You have summers off, enjoy the sun, bask in it and take trips to Applebees for lunch, because most people can’t.”  He has helped parents understand that their children are their problems, too.  He has helped board members make more money in tough times.  He has helped tax payers rise up to ask where their money for the schools are going.  He is our choice for Congress.


Quinn Gelastio, Lead Guitarist of FrequencyX2 and Recipient of an Election Endorsement For State Legislation Stuff

Entire State Including South Beloit which belongs to Illinois but shares itself with Wisconsin:  Quinn Gelastio
What a hero he is to the community at large here. Gelastio is the guitar shredding hero from popular metal band, FrequencyX2, who was falsely arrested by RKFDP (Rockford Dream Police) officers in Rockford earlier this year.  His musical actions, abilities to make home made candy that fooled the law, and his star power is what Illinois needs to feel better about itself.

State’s Attorney:  Rick Nielsen
Cheap Trick’s famous guitarist and Rockford’s second favorite son next to President Jesus Correa is Rick Nielsen.  What an asset to Rockford, IL, he’s been.  Everywhere he goes,  people notice.  Friends and family enjoy Nielsen’s sightings so much that they share his where abouts immediately with the local news media, “Oh my God, I saw Rick Nielsen buying milk today at Hilander!”  Our own, George Brawn, gets about eight Nielsen related emails a day.  The local city government and ad firms love him, too, often using his rock star status on-call to promote hope and change in the community. It is really working, people feel so much better about themselves. So much so that crime has gone down and hope for better jobs have gone up!  Thank you, Rick.

We will be covering local sightings of Rick Nielsen and Mayor Larry Morrissey of Rockford, IL, in a new section at RKFDnews.com this winter called, “Where’s Rick?  There’s Larry!”  Til then, email us very important news stories or your own local sightings of Rick and Larry to:  [email protected]

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  1. Chance Schwilligan 6 November, 2012, 00:08

    this might be gelastio’s big break.

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    • RKFDNEWS Admin 6 November, 2012, 17:45

      We believe that Quinn is on the verge of making history while inventing another wonderful batch of homemade candy.

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